November 29, 2022

Your tooth enamel thins with age, giving the appearance of more yellow teeth. Most of the time, cosmetic dentistry in Hialeah can bring back the brilliance of your smile through professional teeth whitening procedures, enabling you to smile without embarrassment.  

Almost everyone eventually experiences some tooth darkening or discoloration. Tea, coffee, and red wine cause stains over time if you regularly consume them. Discoloration can also be brought on by using tobacco, whether it be smoking or chewing, using certain drugs, or even getting hurt in the mouth. You can't always prevent tooth whitening causes.  

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Can Anyone Get Their Teeth Whitened  

Obstacles to Effective Teeth Whitening  

Special considerations are required if your mouth has fillings or other materials. Your natural teeth and artificial restorations may not match after tooth whitening since crowns, bridges, and other restorations are resistant to the effects of the process. If inconsistent color is going to be an issue, your dentist can devise a plan to provide more reliable results. New fillings or other repairs can be necessary for specific circumstances.  

Even if teeth whitening is not an option, your cosmetic dentist can still help you achieve the perfect smile with veneers or bonding.  

Not Everyone Should Use Teeth Whitening Procedures  

There are instances when a tooth whitening procedure is not practical. The following ailments or situations may prevent some patients from being the best candidates:  

  • Those who demand unreasonable or stark white outcomes  
  • People who are allergic to teeth whitening treatments like peroxide  
  • Individuals with sensitive teeth  
  • Patients who have exposed roots, cavities, and periodontal disease  
  • People with restorations like fillings, implants, crowns, and dental bridges  
  • Those who are expecting or nursing  

Things to Know About Teeth Whitening

  • No Long-Term Solution Exists; You Must Put in the Effort

What should you do now that the dentist's job is complete and your teeth are in their desired shade? The hard work doesn't stop there, though. The hard work is now on you to ensure your teeth stay in the precise shade you desire. By limiting the number of foods and beverages you consume that can discolor teeth, you can help maintain them. Additionally, giving up smoking will aid in preventing fading and stains.  

  • No Need to Fear

Teeth whitening should not be feared when performed by qualified specialists because it rarely, if ever, causes any side effects. Some patients may experience a slight sensitivity or soreness near the gums, but these side effects are often brief and will go away after a few days of treatment.  

  • Flawless Teeth for a Limited Time

Before choosing any teeth whitening treatment, you should consult a dental expert before deciding to avoid disappointment. Veneers or crowns may be a possibility if you fall into this category. You can have whiter teeth with these treatments but be sure to discuss this with a dental specialist thoroughly.  

  • In Relation to Time  

Do you want pearly whites by tomorrow? Ask your dentist if this is possible. The answer to this query will depend on the shade you already have, and it will likewise rely on the option you select.  

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  • It Will Probably Cost You Money

The cost of having your teeth professionally whitened may already be known to you. Hence, prices will depend on the type of procedure you will take. Moreover, laser whitening is generally more expensive than bleaching.  

  • Whitening Is Safe if You Abide by the Instructions

Professional tooth whitening is only permitted to be done by licensed dental professionals. You will sometimes see a sign advertising a service at your salon, but beware—doing this might get you into all kinds of difficulties and put your dental health at risk. Your treatment plan will be created by a professional after both of you discuss the best course of action.  

  • Do Your Homework    

There are many, although not all of them are equally effective, techniques to whiten your teeth. The most popular method is to have your teeth professionally bleached by a dentist, although not everyone uses this technique. You can purchase various home kits at the grocery store and consider laser whitening. Before doing anything, always visit your dentist because the incorrect treatment could cause irreversible harm.  

  • No Teeth Are Created Equally  

You've decided to whiten your teeth. There are a variety of reasons that may have led you to get teeth whitening treatment. However, the treatment will not be the same as what your friend or family member had. It will be different because no teeth are created equally. You may have a brighter or darker shade than others.  

Factors Affecting Teeth Whitening Results  

  • Unwise Lifestyle Decisions  

If you continue to lead an unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking, drinking too much red wine and cola, or drinking too much coffee or tea, no amount of whitening therapy will be adequate. These are the kinds of behaviors that initially lead to tooth stains.  

Also, avoid meals that are colored or acidic, including tomatoes and oranges. Doxycycline and tetracycline-containing medications also cause discoloration or staining of the teeth.  

  • Disregarding Your Dentist’s Recommendations    

How well you adhere to your dentist's instructions will determine the outcome of the teeth-whitening procedure. After the treatment, dentists give their patients a list of dos and don'ts. This includes abstaining from red wine, minimal consumption of tea and coffee for a week following the procedure, maintaining good oral hygiene, and so forth.    

  • Condition of Your Teeth  

It's crucial to consider the original state of your teeth. Before jumping onto the whitening procedure, it is essential to have your teeth professionally cleaned if they are unclean and have a lot of plaque buildup. Before the teeth whitening procedure, any cavities you may have must be filled.  

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