December 5, 2022

Most people know that dentures in Hialeah are an effective tooth-replacement option for patients with missing multiple teeth. Since they’re custom-made to fit the patient’s mouth perfectly, these artificial teeth can restore chewing and speaking abilities, maintain their facial appearance, and restore their smile.

Dentures can give you the look and functionality of a healthy and attractive smile, regardless of the reason behind your tooth loss. Whether you’ve decided to replace your missing teeth with dentures or already have them, you probably have questions about this restorative option.

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Denture Facts You Should Know

What Are Dentures and What Are They Made Out of?

Dentures refer to custom-made prosthetic devices designed to replace all or some of the lost or missing teeth due to gum disease, tooth decay, or injury. Moreover, the oral cavity’s hard and soft tissues support these appliances.

In the past, dentures consisted of artificial teeth made from porcelain or plastic. Since this material is more fragile than natural teeth, denture teeth can chip or crack easily. In addition, patients needed to replace their dentures with a new set every five years because porcelain or plastic wears down faster than their natural teeth.

Thanks to recent advancements in restorative dentistry, modern dentures last longer than their predecessors. While the artificial teeth are made of hard resin, the supporting gum-like structure that holds them in place is made of a flexible polymer material that fits snugly on your natural gum line.

What Are the Different Types of Dentures?

Traditional Complete Full Dentures

Complete dentures are an excellent option for replacing all of your teeth. Moreover, dentists usually place these artificial teeth within eight to 12 weeks after extracting or removing the patient’s teeth. Unlike a dental bridge anchored to existing natural teeth, traditional complete full dentures sit on top of the gums.

Partial Dentures

Your dentist may recommend partial dentures when you have one or more natural teeth in your upper and lower jaw. You can take them out whenever you need to because they’re removable. These dental devices are made from all-acrylic or acrylic material. Partials feature a pink-colored base attached to a metal piece that supports the denture in the mouth. Furthermore, they help prevent your existing teeth from moving out of their correct positions.

Custom Dentures

You should consider getting custom dentures if you want a more natural-looking smile. Besides being made of expensive teeth, they’re customized to match your unique smile and suit your specific needs. In addition, your dentist may show you your new teeth before they complete it.

Immediate Removable Dentures

If you want to get your brand-new dentures on the same day your dentist removes or extracts your teeth, you’ll want to choose immediate dentures. However, it’s important to note that not everyone is a good candidate for this option. You’ll likely be a candidate for immediate removable dentures if you still have most of your teeth. However, a partial denture might be a better option if your dentist can still save your natural teeth.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures use a dental implant to support the denture securely. A dental implant is a small-screw-like post made of biocompatible material that the dentist surgically inserts into the jawbone. Consequently, the implant allows the denture to stay securely in place. Besides looking and feeling like your natural teeth, these implant-supported dentures are durable and long-lasting.

Snap-In Dentures

When it comes to stability, snap-in dentures are a top choice. Dentists usually anchor the artificial teeth onto the existing teeth or use dental implants to hold them in place. However, what sets them apart from other dentures is the locator attachments embedded within the denture’s tissue side.

Since these locator attachments snap onto the locator receptors or the implants, they’re removable. In most cases, snap-in dentures are recommended for someone missing all of their teeth but still has enough healthy bone to support the implant.


This dental prosthetic eliminates the issues associated with traditional dentures because dental implants hold it in place as it sits on top of the gums. For instance, they won’t slip or move around in your mouth while eating, speaking, laughing, or sneezing. Depending on your needs, your dentist may place your overdenture on your upper or lower jaw.

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How Can I Clean My Removable Dentures?

Just like your natural teeth, your dentures require proper care and maintenance. If you want your brand-new removable dentures to last for many years while looking their best, you’ll want to learn how to keep them clean and stain-free. To ensure good denture care, follow these tips:

Clean Your Mouth After Removing Them

Use gauze to clean your cheeks, tongue, and the roof of your mouth. If you still have natural teeth, brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Rinse Them After Eating

After enjoying a meal or a snack, it’s best to remove your dentures and run water over them. The water washes away food particles and other debris. Before you do so, put some water in the sink or place a towel in the sink or on the counter to ensure your dentures won’t break if you drop them.

Handle Them With Care

While you’re cleaning your dentures, avoid bending or causing damage to their clasps or plastic.

Brush Them Daily

Brushing your dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a nonabrasive cleanser to eliminate food debris and other loose particles would be best. If you’re using denture adhesive, you’ll want to clean the areas that fit against your gums to eliminate the remaining adhesive. While at it, avoid using denture cleansing solution inside your mouth because it contains chemicals that may irritate your soft oral tissues.

Soak Them Overnight

Unless you keep your dentures moist, they won’t keep their shape. For this reason, it’s best to check with your dentist about properly storing your new teeth overnight. Most dentists recommend placing dentures in a container with water or a mild denture-soaking solution.

Since denture-soaking solutions contain chemicals that may cause burns, pain, or vomiting if swallowed, you’ll want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure to rinse your dentures thoroughly before you put them back in your mouth.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Ill-fitting dentures cause slippage, sores, irritation, discomfort, and infection. You can prevent these issues by scheduling regular dental visits to have your artificial teeth examined and professionally cleaned. During your appointment, your dental care provider will also check the inside of your mouth to ensure it’s healthy.    

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