When Will You Need Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery may become necessary when problems with your teeth, gums, or jaw become severe. Keep in mind that some concerns can be handled by a dentist, so don’t think you have to have oral surgery because of persistent tooth pain!

Some of the common reasons patients are referred to an oral surgeon are:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • You need a gum graft
  • Tooth replacement
  • To fix issues from oral cancer or infections
  • To treat sleep apnea or other sleep disorders
  • To ease TMJ pain

Preparing for Your Treatment

You would prepare for an oral surgery in the same way you prepare for any major medical procedure. Post-operative instructions may slightly differ depending on the type of surgery you’re having. The most important thing you could ever do is follow our instructions to ensure a smooth healing process.

Prepare for your oral treatment by:

  • Picking up prescribed pain medication
  • Ensuring you have someone to stay with you the day of the surgery
  • Having plenty of soft foods available
  • Giving yourself some time to relax and fill out paperwork
  • Asking questions
Closeup of a male patient with his mouth open getting dental work done

What Can Oral Surgery Do for You?

Your oral surgeon can help ensure your optimal health by fixing problems in the oral cavity, face, and neck. Depending on the procedure you’re having, it can help you by doing some of the following:

  • Repair nerves
  • Fix facial injuries or deformities
  • Removal oral cancers
  • Correct sleep and breathing issues

Our Oral Surgery Services

Do You Think You Need Oral Surgery in Hialeah, FL?

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