Types of Bone Grafting Material

Many kinds of bone grafting material are available, but the most preferred type is getting bone from your own body. Below are some of the other sources you can get for grafting material:

  • Autografts – bone from your body, typically the chin or hip
  • Allografts – bone from a different person
  • Xenografts – bone from animals
  • Alloplasts – a synthetic material created from hydroxyapatite

Who Can Get a Bone Graft?

Patients may require a bone graft procedure for several reasons, primarily those with jawbone loss. Some factors like aging or facial trauma can be the reason for jawbone deterioration. Other common reasons patients will need a bone graft procedure include the following:

  • Getting dental implants
  • Gum disease
  • Bone loss
  • Missing teeth
3D illustration of a dental implant treatment

What to Expect

Before the procedure, we will go over and discuss your treatment plan. You will be put under anesthesia to minimize fear and discomfort. We’ll then thoroughly clean the area before creating the incision for the bone graft. We’ll place the bone grafting material between the sections where the bone needs to grow, and then secure it with a dissolvable adhesive or stitching.

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